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山东工 作服怎么搭配才能更美?

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  山东工 作服怎么搭配才能更美?每个人由于体型,身高等不同,衣着同 样的衣服会表现出不同的效果,那么我 们应该怎样搭配工作服显现出最美的本人。
  How can Shandong work clothes be better matched? Everyone will show different effects in the same clothes because of their different body shape and height, so how should we match our work clothes to show the most beautiful person?
  Professional wear category:
  颜色:整体着 装从上至下不能超越三种颜色,这样从 线条整体上看会更流利、更典雅、否则会 显得杂乱而没有整体感。
  Colour: The overall dress should not exceed three colours from top to bottom, so as to look more fluent and elegant from the line as a whole, otherwise it will appear chaotic without a sense of wholeness.
  样式:男士穿 戴不是必需很时髦或很盛行,工作服 定制只需简约大方,颜色沉稳,最主要 的是上衣和裤子的搭配,一定要合理。
  Style: Men's wear is not necessarily very fashionable or popular. Workwear customization only needs simple and generous, stable color. The most important thing is the matching of jacket and trousers, which must be reasonable.
  男士的身高和胖瘦,并不影 响本人着装的品味微风格,身体矮 小的男士也能够穿出本人的特性,只需上 衣和裤子合身颜色搭配得当,不要穿 过肥的商务套装和过浅的颜色,就能够 掩饰本人的缺乏,表现本人的作风。
  Men's height and weight do not affect their taste and style of dress. Short-bodied men can also wear their own characteristics. They can hide their shortcomings and show their style by matching the color of their coats and trousers properly and not wearing fat business suits and shallow colors.
  Workwear category:
  身体粗 壮的男子最合适单排扣上装,但尺寸要合身,能够稍小些,这样能 突出胸部的厚实,但要留意掩饰腹部,留意随时扣上纽扣。应选用深色衣料,防止用淡色衣料。运用背 带替代皮带能够使裤子坚持自然,腰部不显突出,且不会使裤腰滑落。尖长领 的直条纹工作服是最适宜的,但要经济系职业制服,这样他 人不会留意你的腰围。
  Robust men are best suited for single-row buckle jackets, but the size should fit well and be slightly smaller, so as to highlight the thick chest, but pay attention to hiding the abdomen, pay attention to buttoning at any time. Dark clothing should be selected to prevent light clothing. The use of belt instead of belt can make trousers stick to nature, waist not prominent, and will not make trousers waist slippage. Straight striped work clothes with long pointed collars are the most appropriate, but the economic department should have a professional uniform so that others will not pay attention to your waist circumference.
  身体矮 小的男士可穿距离不太大的深内幕条纹深圳制服,这样看起来高些。不应穿 比照鲜明的上衣和裤子。上装的 长度略微短一些能够使腿部显得长一点,上装宜 选用长翻领和插袋。穿直条纹尖领工作服,再系一 条颜色鲜艳的普通工作服,打一个 根本样式的活结。最好穿 裤线不明显的裤子。皮鞋跟应厚一些,以增加高度。
  Short-bodied men can wear Shenzhen uniforms with deep insider stripes not too far away, which makes them look taller. You should not wear contrasting jackets and trousers. The length of the upper jacket is slightly shorter, which can make the legs look longer. Long lapels and pockets are suitable for the upper jacket. Wear straight striped pointed-collar overalls and a bright-colored ordinary overalls with a basic style knot. It's better to wear pants with inconspicuous threads. Leather heels should be thicker to increase height.
  身体高 瘦型男士所穿工作服的面料不宜用细条纹,否则会 突出身体的缺陷,格子图案是最佳选择。上装和 裤子颜色就比照鲜明,这要比 穿整套工作服好,双排扣 宽领的样式更为适宜。宽领工 作服配一条适中的丝质宽工作服,最好是 三角形或垂直小图案,再加一件翻领背心,使体形更显厚实。裤子应 有明显的褶线和折脚,运用宽皮带和厚底鞋,使人添加矮壮感。
  Fine stripes are not suitable for the fabrics of work clothes worn by tall and thin men. Otherwise, the defects of the body will be highlighted. Lattice pattern is the best choice. The colour of the jacket and trousers is better than that of the whole suit, and the double-breasted wide collar style is more suitable. Wide-collar work clothes with a moderate silk wide work clothes, preferably triangular or vertical small pattern, plus a lapel vest, make the body more thick. Trousers should have obvious folds and folds, and use wide belt and thick sole shoes to make people feel short and strong.
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