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济南职 业装的市场怎么样

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  在当下的时装圈内,工作服 的设计者得到了更多服装制造者的关注,因为太 多的行业离不开制服,而制服 的高级感能提升部分业务能力。那么,济南职 业装市场有多大?带你来 了解一下正在高速扩张的职业工装定制服市场。
  In the current fashion circle, the designer of work clothes has attracted more attention from clothing manufacturers, because too many industries can not do without uniforms, and the high-level sense of uniforms can enhance some business capabilities. So, how big is Jinan professional wear market? Take you to know about the rapidly expanding market of professional tooling customized clothing.
  Workwear Customization Market
  随着全球经济的发展,人们对 于美的追求越来越高。一套符 合公司文化的职业服装不仅仅让公司的整体形象和品牌价值得到了提升,也让员 工得到了更多的归属感和满意度。
  With the development of global economy, people's pursuit of beauty is getting higher and higher. A set of professional clothes in line with the company's culture not only improves the company's overall image and brand value, but also enables employees to get more sense of belonging and satisfaction.
  近些年,中国职 业中装定制行业得到快速发展,全国约有6.5亿人的产业需求,如此巨 大的的职业工装定制需求,日益提 高市场交易的活跃度。从产业 机构调整和第二、三产业 的发展趋势来看,由于服 务行业的工作人员迅速增加,使得职 业装的需求量也会迅速提高。就中国 职业工装订制的市场需求而言,2019年的市场需求大约在1420亿元。职业工 装定制的广阔前景受到行业内外企业的广泛关注,中国职 业工装定制厂商将近3万多家,已经逐 渐形成一定的产业集群。
  In recent years, China's professional middleware customization industry has developed rapidly. There are about 650 million people in China. Such a huge demand for professional tooling customization has increasingly increased the activity of market transactions. From the perspective of industrial restructuring and the development trend of secondary and tertiary industries, the demand for professional clothing will also increase rapidly due to the rapid increase of staff in the service industry. As far as the market demand of China's professional binding is concerned, the market demand in 2019 is about 142 billion yuan. The broad prospects of professional tooling customization have attracted wide attention from enterprises both inside and outside the industry. There are nearly 30,000 professional tooling customization manufacturers in China, which have gradually formed a certain industrial cluster.
  职员作 为公司服装的直接使用者而言,职员的 职业服装一直被当成是一种公司的安排,随着社 会的进步以及价值观的变化,越来越 多的人在选择入职企业的时候,把企业 的职业服装当成一项重要的指标;而企业在回馈职员(特别是 针对于中高层职员)的需求时,定制的 职业装往往会被当成一种福利。一方面,这种定制服务,会让员 工感受到公司的归属感,另一方面,也会提 升公司的整体形象。
  As a direct user of company clothing, staff's professional clothing has always been regarded as a kind of company arrangement. With the progress of society and the change of values, more and more people regard the enterprise's professional clothing as an important indicator when they choose to enter the enterprise; while enterprises customize it when they give back the needs of staff (especially for middle and senior staff). Professional clothing is often seen as a benefit. On the one hand, this customized service will make employees feel the sense of belonging of the company, on the other hand, it will also enhance the overall image of the company.
  但是,认为虽 然下游的需求增多,会致使 我国职业定制服装市场的发展,但是其 主要动力还是由于“互联网+定制服务”的兴起。即对于厂家而言,依托于“互联网+”,厂家可 以充分利用互联网资源来挖掘客户,再也不 需要像传统定制服装那样搭设门店吸引客户上门了。
  However, it is believed that although the demand for the downstream market is increasing, the development of China's custom tailored garment market will be made, but the main driving force is the rise of "Internet + customized services". For manufacturers, relying on "Internet +", manufacturers can make full use of Internet resources to mine customers, and no longer need to set up stores like traditional custom clothes to attract customers to come.
  随着大数据、智能制造、3D打印、3D试衣等 一系列软硬件技术的进一步发展,突破了量体、打版等以往难以规模化的关键环节,这种柔 性供应链将会在很大程度上降低制造成本、缩短定制周期,服装定 制市场将会迎来彻底的变革。
  With the further development of a series of software and hardware technologies, such as big data, intelligent manufacturing, 3D printing, 3D fitting, etc., this flexible supply chain breaks through the key links that are difficult to scale in the past, such as volume measurement, typesetting, etc. This flexible supply chain will greatly reduce manufacturing costs and shorten the customization cycle, and the clothing customization market will usher in a thorough change.
  另外,随着人 们观念的逐渐改变、对于个 性化需求的增加,更加带 有设计美感的职业工装将会越来越多。
  In addition, with the gradual change of people's concepts and the increasing demand for personalization, more and more professional tooling with aesthetic design will become more and more.








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